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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Splat Painting

We are always looking for new ideas to explore art with different mediums. When I came across this video, from one of my FAVORITE early childhood educators, the "Ooey Gooey Lady", I knew anything that combined art with mess would be a good time!

For step by step instructions on how the splatters are made,
check out her video here... 

So, we had to try it for ourselves!

I didn't have any popcorn on hand, but had PLENTY of rice, so we used that instead. I suppose you might be able to use other fillers as well, maybe
 beans, or even sand.

I'm all about using up and making due
with what we have on hand.

Except for the fact that not ONE pair of pantyhose could be found in my house...lol

But I did find them at Walmart for .33 cents a pair!

We thinned the paint a bit with some water just to add to the "splat" factor

The grass was wet from a recent rain, so we did this activity in the driveway. We picked up quite a bit of gravel with our splatters, but that just added texture to our pictures, I suppose!

Double handed action.....

One of the final products....

And of course, no activity is ever complete until we find other surfaces to cover.....

They would have done the entire sidewalk, except that it started raining again, and washed away their efforts. I guess we'll have to bring out our splatters again, on a nice sunny day!

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  1. love the idea of this and how the materials are used. my group loves this type of project, so another one to add to the future idea file.
    nice to find another blog by a child care provider.
    come check us out http://countryfun.edublogs.org