I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. ~ Albert Einstein


Friday, October 21, 2011

Cooking with the kids

          One of our favorite activities is cooking. The kids just love measuring and pouring and mixing all the ingredients together. I try to incorporate some form of cooking into our routine everyday. When the children are actively engaged in preparing food, many key learning areas can be explored, such as:


  ~When we "read" recipe cards together, we are expanding our vocabulary and language, and begin to expand our knowledge of print and words.


~We practice number concepts and measurement when we divide recipes and measure ingredients. We can also learn geometry and spatial sense when we use cookie cutters, and patterning when we make certain dishes like 7 layer bean dip.


~We learn things like what happens when we mix flour and water, when we observe gelatin as it hardens, see how chocolate melts, and learn why pumpkins have seeds.


~We use all our senses when cooking. We learn how to listen for the timer, how dough feels with our hands, the smell of fresh baked cookies, and what lemonade takes like without added sweetener.


~We learn how to use basic tools such as measuring cups, egg beaters, can openers, and electric mixers.

 *Fine motor development

~Pouring milk, spreading butter, chopping vegetables, and squeezing oranges are all activities that help develop small muscle control and hand-eye coordination.

*Social development

~Children are proud to share a meal with others that they were able to help prepare, and learn to work cooperatively
on a common task.

Happy Cooking! :)


  1. Hi there, I have mentioned this article in my food post and used a photograph of yours. Hoping this is okay or I will change it. Thanks from Lesley at early play

  2. Was just dropping by to let you know I am hosting 'Word for Wednesday' on my new little blog and this week the word is outdoors. You can join in all week , not just on Wednesday or use one of your previous posts about outdoors. Cheers.

  3. Looks like you have fun cooking in your daycare. I really need to involve the kids more in our food preparation. Our kitchen is so small that it feels so crowded when you get 5 more bodies in there.